Just Dough - Hourly Team Member Handbook

Welcome to Just Dough! We're glad you've joined our team and hope you find your time here both challenging and exciting! We're working to build a strong team culture and fun atmosphere, while providing awesome customer service, desserts, and coffee! Please read through the following pages and get to know us as a company. Complete the quiz at the end, then print the PDF signature page and turn it in to your current supervisor!

As required by law, each employee must provide legal documentation of citizenship or green card in the form of a driver’s license, social security number and passport or photo identification. Upon employment each individual must fill out a Department of Labor, I-9 Form. All information stated on this form must be valid. If at any time during employment it is brought to management’s attention the information is not valid, the employee must, by law, be terminated immediately.

Just Dough is an equal opportunity employer. Under no circumstances do we tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Any decisions related to employment such as hiring, promotion, compensation, training and discipline will be solely business, based upon qualifications and other nondiscriminatory factors.

Each employee is required to read through this employee handbook and sign the handbook receipt to show they have read and understand how Just Dough operates. You are required to complete 20 hours of training before being left unattended during a scheduled shift at full wage. 
Shoes: You must wear closed-toe shoes. It is also important to remember that you will be on your feet, moving around the majority of your shift (whether barista, kitchen, or baking), so be sure your shoes are comfortable and will not cause blisters.

Hair: Your hair must be tied back and tucked under a Just Dough hat – no exceptions. This must be done before walking into the kitchen or the front of house for your shift. Do not leave the break room with your hair down. Just Dough hats must be worn when working. Hats are provided to each employee upon hire and should be kept in your locker.

Shirts: You are required to wear a Just Dough staff shirt or sweatshirt during your shift. Please be sure shirts are clean each time you wear them. You are provided 2 shirts upon hire; additional shirts may be purchased through your manager.

Pants: You are able to wear jeans (no holes), black or khaki pants, or (in season) reasonable shorts to work. Skirts are also acceptable. Please look professional and put together at all times. Leggings, yoga pants, baggy gym shorts, or sweatpants are not acceptable. Remember, you are trained for all positions. While you may be scheduled for a kitchen shift, you may be pulled to help out front during a busy time, so your attire is always important. If you think anything may be questionable, get it approved by management before wearing it to work.

Overtime should be tracked carefully and kept to a minimum. Time and a half is paid for weeks worked over 40 hours, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
For each four hour shift worked, employees are asked to take a fifteen minute break. Please do not take your break front of house or in the managers’ offices, and do not interfere with your co-workers or managers who are not on break. We ask that you not leave campus during your break, but you may have food delivered to the west entrance. There is no smoking within 20 feet of any entrance of the Just Dough/Slumberland/Trinkets & Togs building.

On the Cedar Falls campus, all employee parking is along the west edge of the north parking lot (the lot in front of the building, not beside). Parking is free. At no time should you park in the west parking lot (the lot in front of Trinkets & Togs) or in front of Slumberland.

Although we like to have fun at work, it is important that all employees are aware of the rules and regulations which govern our conduct and behavior. If rules are not followed, immediate action may take place to keep the business running smoothly. If an employee is involved in any of the following, they may receive a written warning from management. After three written warnings they may be terminated from their employment at Just Dough.

  1. Providing false or misleading information about leave of absence or sick pay.

  2. Missing a staff meeting without getting the approval of manager.

  3. Leaving work before your scheduled shift is up without getting it approved by the manager.

  4. Clocking “in” or “out” for another employee or having them clock “in” or “out” for you.

  5. Excessive tardiness.

  6. Consistent failure to perform job title responsibilities in a satisfactory manner after the orientation period.

  7. Use of foul and/or abusive language and rude or improper behavior aimed towards fellow staff members or customers.

  8. Smoking or eating in unapproved areas.

  9. Disorderly or indecent conduct.

  10. Destruction of Just Dough property or co-workers’ property.

  11. Failure to comply with personal cleanliness and grooming standards.

  12. Failure to comply with uniform and dress code requirements.

  13. Failure to report to management safety hazards, equipment malfunctions, accidents or injuries.

The following are issues that may result in immediate termination without a written warning.

  1. Invalid Work Authorization (I-9 Form)

  2. Providing false information to management including information on the application or during the time of interview.

  3. Disclosing information including policies, procedures, recipes, etc. to anyone outside of Just Dough.

  4. Incidents of theft, either directed towards a customer, employee or Just Dough.

  5. Incidents of theft, dishonesty or mishandling of business funds.

  6. Missing a shift without notifying a manager.

  7. Refusal to follow instructions (insubordination).

  8. Involvement in harassment of any kind towards another employee or customer.

  9. Actions or threats of violence or abusive language directed towards fellow staff or a customer.

  10. Use, distribution of, or possession of illegal drugs on business property.

  11. Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs when reporting to work or during work hours. Random drug testing may be required at any time during your employment.

It wouldn't be practical to list every "rule" we might have as an organization that will keep things running smoothly and keep everyone happy. Over time, we may pull you aside to set an expectation or clarify something, but here are a few of the basic things we expect when working at Just Dough.

  1. Team members should only use the west building entrance, not the front entrance, to gain access to back of house when starting a shift.

  2. No use of phone, Apple Watch, etc. when working front of house or in the kitchen. We've provided you a padlock for your locker and expect you to keep it there when you're working. 

  3. No visitors back of house. We expect a certain level of privacy and confidentiality not only for the business, but for your fellow team members.

  4. No personal food or drink outside of the break room. This is a rule led by the health department, and we work hard to abide by all health department rules and guidelines. 

  5. There is a refrigerator in the break room for your snacks/drinks/meals. Please don't take goodies that don't belong to you! Always take care of your leftovers and wash your own dishes, should you have any.

  6. Team members should not use the restrooms front of house - we intentionally put a restroom in the break room for employee use.

  7. If you are sick or can't come to work, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Use the facebook group and/or phone list to fill your shift. We work hard to staff the store efficiently, and any missing team member makes a huge impact on the rest of the team.

  8. There is no smoking on campus. If you happen to be a smoker, you're welcome to take your break outside, in your car, etc. There is no smoking within 20 feet of any entrance of the Just Dough/Slumberland/Trinkets & Togs building.

We strive to provide everyone a workplace that is free of harassment of any kind. Employees are encouraged to promptly report incidences of harassment. Anyone who feels it necessary to discuss what may appear to be any type of harassment should report the harassment promptly. Your report will be kept as confidential as possible; however, if a claim is substantiated, management will take immediate and appropriate action, including discipline and possible termination.
Your shift start time is the time you actually begin work, whether in the kitchen or front of house. Employees should arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled shift so they are able to be on the floor when their shift starts. If an individual has a repeated problem of arriving to work late, disciplinary actions may be put in place. Tardiness may result in a written warning that will be placed in the employees file. If it is impossible for the employee to get to work by their scheduled time they must call and speak with the store manager to inform them of their delay.
All employees are paid on a bi-weekly rotation. Just Dough employees will have the option of using Direct Deposit. Should you decide to opt out of direct deposit, you will receive a paper check every other Tuesday. Your payroll stub is for your information and tax purposes, so please keep them if you will want/need that information later. It is not the responsibility of our Accounting department to provide you with copies after the fact, except in extenuating circumstances.

Time Clock: Employees should arrive to work 10 minutes before their scheduled time so they are able to get situated before their shift begins. Any altering or tampering of their time cards is not allowed and may lead to disciplinary actions. Your shift time is when you are on the floor ready to work, not the time you should arrive to work.
Tips: Tips are received from customers either in the form of credit card transactions or cash placed in the tip jar on the counter. Tips are divided by the number of hours each employee works, then are split between all employees and added into your bi-weekly paycheck. The total amount you have made in tips over the two week period can be found on your paystub.
Privacy: Please remember wage information is private. At no time should you ask your co-workers or managers about their wages, nor should you be asked about yours.  
Payroll Deductions: Federal and State Taxes will be withheld from each paycheck. The amount withheld will be depicted on your paystub. The information for taxes is taken from the information employee provided on their W-4 Form. If you would like to change the tax information, talk to your manager.
Change of Address: Please be sure to report any address change to management as soon as possible to help keep all accounts and information up to date.
Lost Paychecks: Please inform management immediately if you lose your paycheck. The lost check will be voided and a new one will be sent to your address on file.
Insurance: Just Dough offers health, dental, vision, and disability insurance to individuals in salary positions and those classified as full-time hourly. If you have questions or would like to be sure you qualify, please talk to your manager.
Family and Medical Leave/Vacations: Unpaid leave and vacations are handled on an individual basis and will be negotiated with manager prior to absence. The government has a law that says employers must give 12 weeks of unpaid time to workers for dealing with serious medical issues, birth, or adoption. We obviously follow that law. 

Holidays: Holidays are some of our busiest times of the year; because of this, you are often required to work on holidays. Employees who work holidays receive time and a half. These holidays include Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. The following days are not considered paid holidays: 4th of July, Memorial Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
Worker’s Compensation: Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance for an employee who may encounter injury, illness or an accident during or resulting from employment at Just Dough. If an injury or illness occurs on the job, the employee should notify the manager right away, regardless of the severity of the injury or illness (burn, cut, major bump, etc). The manager will collect as much information as possible on exactly what happened including how it occurred, exact time and place, and any witnesses. If the injury results in the employee having to take a leave of absence, the manager will provide information concerning his or her lawful benefits.
Paid Time Off, Vacation Time, and Sick Leave: Paid time off is offered to full-time hourly employees after one year of employment. Time off for sickness, vacation, or other personal reasons, will be unpaid outside of your PTO time. PTO must be used before using unpaid leave.
Should you decide to leave your position with us, please give as much notice as possible. Tell us when you apply to school, not after you get in. Tell us that there's a job you're thinking of interviewing for, not after you accept an offer to start in two weeks time. Come talk to us as soon as you are thinking about leaving. Although we can't make you work a day more than you want to, we don't consider two weeks notice sufficient and need time to plan and replace you. Please help us and your coworkers by letting us know well in advance. We would also like for you to participate in an exit interview with HR as part of your offboarding process.

Please print the PDF linked here and return it to your manager to acknowledge you've read and understand the information above. Be sure all of your questions have been answered before you do so! Once again, we're so glad you've joined our team!

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